Sermon: “I Am The Way, The Truth and The Light” from Jim Ritchie

Jim Ritchie - 2 February 2020

I Am the Bread of Life

I Am

This evening Pastor Jim begins a new series, \"I am\". Jesus doesn't use this prefix like we do - he uses it to go far beyond our understanding and to show us the character of God. 7 times in the gospel of John uses this phrase to identify himself and tells us what he's come to do here on earth. If we understand this we will begin to see the fullness of our Saviour. \"I am the bread of life\" John 6. Physically we cannot live without food and water - spiritually we cannot live without Jesus. The significance of this bread... Jesus knew the people were spiritually hungry. Everything we need we can find in God and there is always more than enough - Jesus has just fed the 5,000. Jesus is our bread from heaven, so we will never be hungry again. The source of this bread... Jesus is the source, of eternal life. The sustenance of the bread... Jesus satisfies our desires and takes away our hunger. Heart hunger is an epidemic that we are living in but Jesus satisfies all of this if we receive him as our Lord and Saviour.

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