We had a great day yesterday at Trinity - a wonderful morning service and an amazing time at ALPHA last night on the subject of Prayer. Thank God this morning for all He is doing, and for each other. 

Let me remind you of a few things for the week ahead...

On Wednesday (4 October) at 8.30pm we will host the 3rd session on our conversation about Human Sexuality & Gender, but this time online. This is to make the session more accessible for families with children as we will be reflecting on the Scottish Government Consultation on "Relationships, Sexual Health & Parenthood" within education. Here are the details for the ZOOM call...

This Sunday (8 October), we will have a kind of "harvest" approach to the service, inviting you to bring some much needed goods for our response to the asylum seekers who have recently come to Perth. In the last couple of weeks another 100 men have arrived here and are being housed in 2 local hotels. We are part of a network responding to immediate and ongoing needs, and the following list of new and second hand goods are being collected to distribute among the men:

New bought goods

  • Sim cards 

  • Toiletries 

  • Socks

  • Underwear

Second hand goods (clean and usable) 

  • Winter jackets

  • Shoes

  • Tracksuits

We are also looking for secondhand Bicycles and while we can take them at the Church, a partnership with the Bike Station (284 High St.) has been established for donations of bikes. Just ask for Jenny & Rosie and let them know that you're donating them for the Asylum Seeker Project.

Please consider what you could bring on Sunday and make this a very specific "harvest gathering" for those who are new to the city. There will also be an opportunity to give financially on Sunday to our response and we will continue to take donations of goods/money through the month of October.

Thank you Church.

Grace & Peace