Yesterday we continued our "Feed Yourself" series at Trinity, looking at ways to strengthen and grow personally in our relationship with God - this time we looked at PRAYER. The disciples asked Jesus, "teach us to pray" (Luke 11:1) and in response Jesus shares with them what has often been called "The Lord's Prayer" (Luke 11:2-4).

Yesterday we began to scratch the surface of this prayer, but in February and March and through Lent, we will take more time to focus on Prayer. We'll do this in different ways, but our Sunday services will walk us through this "Jesus' Prayer", and during the week our Life Groups will follow "The Prayer Course" from Pete Greig and the 24/7 Prayer movement. Pete has written a book to accompany this series called "How to Pray", which we highly recommend -

We'd love you to join a life group and do the course with others, but you can also follow each week on your own. If you'd like to know more about life groups, then contact Janice ( While we started week 1 today, we won't go on to week 2 until 11th February. Each week there is a video to watch, some questions to discuss or think about, and some suggestions to help you pray (practice/learn). Whether you caught today's service or not, here's the link to week 1 of The Prayer Course - 

Jesus invites us to grow deeper with Him in prayer - what a joy and gift. Why would we not want to learn! Join with us in growing with Jesus in prayer.

Grace & Peace