Dear Church,


We have had one space open up on the Journey to Freedom course which begins tomorrow at 1.30pm - 3pm for 8 weeks.


If this is something you would be interested in please let me know by email/phone ASAP and we can hopefully get you connected in. 


Here is a brief outline of the course



Journey to Freedom is an eight-week group, offering a safe and encouraging place for participants to step out of contemplating change and into real action.

Do you have questions about the purpose and meaning of your life? Are you struggling in new and unexpected ways? Or have past struggles that you thought were over resurfaced? Do you want more clarity and hope for your future?


With honest dialogue directed towards laying a foundation for change, Journey to Freedom creates a common language so that all can share without fear of judgment. This foundational group is the heart of Restore Small Groups’ program. 


What does Journey to Freedom address?


Understanding the true nature of hope


Recognising and responding in a healthy way to your feelings


Silencing the inner critic, learning self-love and overcoming toxic shame


Identifying healthy relationships


Grieving unresolved and unspoken loss


Healing the past and seeing new possibilities for the future


Finding connection and universality in the human experience


Creating a Plan of Change to help move forward to next steps



Please get in touch if you would like any more information




Emma Jardine

Team Pastor