On Easter Sunday we had an amazing Baptismal Service at Trinity. As often happens, others asked about being baptised following the service and so we are planning to hold another baptismal service soon. If you are interested in being baptised or would just like to know more about baptism, then please let us know - just reply to this email. We will arrange an Exploring Baptism class and talk through the "what, why & how" of baptism, and answer any questions you or others might have. 

We're also planning to host an Exploring Membership class for Trinity. This class looks at what we believe, some of the history of the church, the things we're passionate about, the vision we have, and what it means to be part of a global church. We also talk about the "what, why & how" of membership and answer any questions you or others might have. Again, if you're interested in this class, then please let us know by replying to this email.

We're looking forward to starting a new series this Sunday called "All Things New"! We'll be looking at Genesis 1-2, with a specific focus on what we can learn about the Holy Spirit in Creation, and in the new creation that God is bringing about. Why not take some time to slowly read through these opening chapters of scripture ahead of Sunday and ask God to speak to you. 

Hope we'll see you on Sunday!

Grace & Peace