Making All Things New

Making All Things New

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the old heaven and the old earth had
disappeared…And the One sitting on the throne said, “Look, I am making everything new!”

Revelation 21:1,5

For most of us, we have been spending a great amount of time waiting and longing for things to
return to normal. Thinking about being reunited with family, friends, and even coworkers. And
truly, we will be there before we know it. There will be a time when church services can resume
as normal. Schools will begin classes, and our favorite shops will reopen. And it is good for us
to long for that day. We have all heard the phrase, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder,” and
this time of social distancing has made us appreciate the things we might have taken for

And while we wait for all things to return to normal, I also believe that God wants us to not rush
back to the way things were, but rather, to prophetically imagine what God is doing during this
time. Because God is in the business of creating new things. God, who is the original Creator
and Designer of all things, is always making something new. We, on the other hand, like the
way things were. We like the old music we grew up with. We like our routines and rhythms of
life in which we have grown accustomed. But God is always creating. Always changing. While
He, in His character – is “the same yesterday, today, and forever”, God enjoys changing the
norms for His children. Because by doing so, we get to see Him in a new light. We get to
understand ourselves in a new light.

We get a glimpse of this All Creating God in the book of Revelation, where the Apostle John is
writing about what he has seen. There he records,

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the old heaven and the old earth had
disappeared…And the One sitting on the throne said, “Look, I am making everything
new!” Revelation 21:1,5

What is so incredible about this New creation is that it is new and old at the same time. Far too
many Christians have an unbiblical view of the New Creation believing that it is some far away
heaven which is a celestial realm where nothing is like what we know. And yet, in Scripture, the
New Creation is like our home, but better! It is has all the earthly elements and yet better and
different in every way. Jesus showed us a taste of the resurrected body, which had all the
elements of a human body (He ate, walked, talked) and also had some incredible new features,
like walking through walls, appearing, and reappearing elsewhere. We don’t know exactly what
the New Creation, or our New bodies will be like, but we do know it will have elements of the old
and the new.

While it is fun to imagine the new creation, that is not the focus of where we are now. And yet,
we can see the connection that when God does something new, He oftentimes takes the old
and remakes it into something new and beautiful. I believe that God is wanting to do that just
now. Instead of longing for all things to return just as normal, I believe that God is asking us to
imagine what He is going to do with this moment of change. Last week we talked about slowing
things down, and a new pace of life. We should all be thinking about these new rhythms of life
and I certainly think that would be a good place to start. To think about creating new and
sustainable rhythms with our quiet times with God. But it can be so much more than that. If we
truly listen, I believe that God will reveal to us in the coming weeks what He is actually doing in
the world around us. And in what way God is creating a new future for us all. There have been
moments in church history over the past two thousand years where God created deep and
meaningful shifts in culture and in the way He relates to His people. So, rather than spending a
good chunk of our day longing for all things to return as normal, let's spend a little more time
allowing God to speak about what He is actually doing, and allowing the Ever Glorious Creator
to show us what He is making.

Here are some recommended practices for this week.

  • Spend some time this week to reflect upon some of the new rhythms in your life. What
    new things have you introduced into your schedule that you would like to see remain
    after all has returned? What old things have you let go of that are better left in the past?
  • Spend time in quiet reflection. Acknowledge before God our propensity to rush back to
    “the way things were”, and rather, ask God what He is doing in this new reality.
  • This week, Read John ch. 20 & 21. There is an obvious message of the resurrection,
    especially as we approach Easter. However, there is also a message of the New
    Creation. John writes in John 20:1 – “On the first day of the week”, which is John’s way
    of connecting Jesus’ resurrection and the original creation in Genesis 1. Spend time
    asking God what He is doing with this new and creative work.

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