We believe that Church is not just on Sunday’s, and that it isn’t a building or even a service. The “church” is the people that are in it and they should meet regularly, not just to attend a service or to help with ministries but to fellowship with one another and grow together.

As the church gets bigger, the church also needs to get smaller. Being part of the church should mean that, when rough times come in life, you’ve got a group of people you can turn to.

Trinity has several groups that you can take part in if you’d like to take a step beyond church on a Sunday:

Small Groups

The church has several small or house groups meeting on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Get connected with a small group of fellow Christians and grow together in your walk with God.

For more information go to our small groups page.

Where the men on the church meet for food, fellowship and other activities. Contact pastorchris@trinitychurchperth.org for more information.

Purpose: Fellowship, Fresh air, Exercise & Scenic Views

A hill walking group which meets regularly over the summer months to enjoy the world which God has created.

Leaders: Mike & Lynda Newton

All age group
Meet: Monthly for walks and informal chats

Venues vary:
Coastal walks, Forest walks and Mooreland walks, River 7 Loch walks varying in difficulty and from 3 to 12 miles but normally averaging about 5 miles

Events and Updates:
Mounted on the Church Notice board each month, And handed out also details e-mailed.

Contact details:
Mike Newton 07824 777443
Lynda Newton 07825 631968

The Promise – and how to live it.

The next intake for The Promise Discipleship Journey is opening soon. To register an interest click here: https://www.thepromise.global/resources/

What is The Promise?

The Promise we’ve been given is fulness of God. Yet the reality is, every day our spiritual capacity is challenged. In this ever-changing world, we may know what we believe – but how well do we live it? Do we actually walk with all Jesus came to bring us? This is the Father’s heart for us; to ‘live here as it is in heaven’. In these uncertain, turbulent times, the question is – how?

 ‘For years I loved the Lord – whilst truthfully, I lived with a fraction of such fullness. But God didn’t leave me there; and a ten-year period of intensely painful circumstances would change all that forever. Through a wilderness season of loss, ruin, heartbreak and cancer, the mighty Holy Spirit showed me what living life ‘in Jesus’ really meant. Gently moving me from depending on my own resilience, to living in His, He guided the discovery of how to practically walk through the trials of life with radiant resurrection power.’                                                           Kathryn Brook-Simpson, creator of The Promise.

(For more on Kathryn’s story click here: https://www.thepromise.global/about/#gallery )

The Promise takes a life-time of learning and has been crafted into an interactive guide book and programme. The experience facilitates our evolving journey to walk in the power of the Spirit – everyday – not just on our best ones! Applying its simple – yet profound principles creates a life-style, where it really is possible to walk with uncompromised peace, authority, joy, perseverance, confidence, faith and victory in Jesus – whatever the circumstances of our lives. The Promise comes for such a time as this, to answer the burning question of ‘how’?

For more information see www.thepromise.global or contact kathryn@fruitministries.com

The Promise – and how to live it, is available here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/PROMISE-how-live/dp/1999630939/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=the+promise+and+how+to+live+it&qid=1619765385&sr=8-1