Candidate for Senior Pastor

Dear Church,

We have some exciting news to share with you today as we update you on the search for our new senior pastor in Perth.  We were all disappointed to be losing Jim as our pastor, but equally pleased that he responded to God’s calling on his life and ministry to serve as the Eurasia Regional Director.  This is a huge role within in the Church of the Nazarene and a great honour for Jim to be asked to lead the region.

Ever since Jim shared his news with us, the church board has been operating as a search committee, supported by the District Superintendent, praying, and listening to God’s direction and leading for our church.  As a result of this work, we would like to present to you Rev Dr Ian Wills, currently senior pastor at Parkhead Church of the Nazarene in Glasgow, to serve as our new senior pastor in Perth.

Following lots of prayer, careful consideration, and several interviews, the board has voted unanimously to present Ian to the members of Trinity Church of the Nazarene in Perth.  Many of the church will already know Ian, we have included a short biography overleaf for those who are less familiar. Ian will be preaching during our service on Sunday 11th October.

We have also held a Q&A session with him, which we know will be helpful for our members to understand Ian’s background, his heart and passions, as you listen to God’s voice and consider how you will vote in the election. This Q&A session will be available to view following the service on Sunday on the church website.

This gives notice that the church will be holding a ballot for the election of our new senior pastor and this will take place on Sunday 25th October.

Pastoral Vote – Process

To appoint Ian as the pastor a ballot of active church members must be taken, supported by a 2/3 majority of those voting.  As we are unable to hold a face to face meeting to enable the vote, the church board have liaised with district leadership and the board of general superintendents who have confirmed the following process should take place.

  • The vote will be held between the hours of 1200 & 1800 on Sunday 25th October.  Only active church members of Trinity Church of the Nazarene are entitled to vote.
  • The election will be a simple Yes/No ballot, with a 2/3 majority required to call the candidate in line with the requirements of the Church of the Nazarene.
  • Members must vote in person by travelling to the church to vote.  We will have strict measures in place in line with requirements for social distancing and will provide guide timeslots to members to ensure attendance is spread across the duration.
  • If a member cannot attend Trinity in person, for example due to their health or need to remain at home due to shielding from coronavirus, a church board member is allowed to travel with a ballot form to allow voting from home.
  • Other than the above exception, proxy or postal votes are not permitted

The votes will be counted immediately following the close of the ballot, with the result then shared with the District Superintendent followed by an announcement to the church.

If you require the board to visit you to provide a ballot, please get in touch with myself (by email to secretary@trinitychurchperth.org or calling 07412 012 574) or any other church board member by no later than Thursday 22nd October so we can make arrangements.  We kindly ask that this facility only be used by those who have a genuine need rather than as a matter of convenience.

We encourage all members to use their right to vote as we seek God’s guidance on who should lead our church in the years ahead.  Please prayerfully consider this matter, as well as tuning into Ian’s sermon and Q&A session.

In Christ’s Service,

Calum Jardine, Church Secretary

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